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Tuesday 1st May at 7pm

Tuesday 8th May at 7pm

Tuesday 15th May at 7pm

Today, is where the power lies, today within the present moment reality we all have a choice to stand, be counted and say yes to life, yes to living and yes to free will.

Over the next 8 weeks, and in line with the 8 weeks to wellness programme. Roam free have built a series to enable the beginner to see and understand how to change their mentality from one based in the past or the future, fear and certainty to bring them slap bang into the now and find that within uncertainty clarity is formed. 

Week 1 – Grounding and the power of tadasana, mountain pose.

Week 2 – Pranayama – The power of the breath to recirculate oxygen into the body and remove toxins internally, revitalising the system and allowing energy to flow freely within our bodies.

Week 3 – The watcher, how to disseminate thought and see the ego compared to the self.

Week 4 – We are just love – a powerful heart opening sequence connecting the origins of the heart mind back to the self.

Week 5 – What is Energy – The power of Prana, upana, subtle energies and matter.

Week 6 – Balance – The converging of pain into the body and accepting suffering exists and learning to love thy self even through the build-up of emotional pain and imbalance.

Week 7 – Transience – The seeing of duality and separation, we are all one, we are all love, everything is nothing, nothing is everything.

Week 8 – The power of now, presence and acceptance of reality. The power of positivity.

This 8 week course has specifically been built for the beginner to be able to find their own truth within today’s reality. Hatha yoga traditions is built upon using our own innate inner guidance and all of who we are today to give us the raw material for seeing, learning and integrating our entire being to be able to live to its fullest imagination. We are limitless beings with limitless potential, it is time to find your own truth and live from a place of love.

As this is an 8 block programme, the total for all 8 is £50 with a new year new you discount. This can booked directly via Facebook with the Brogi or with Pure wellness on facebook or via telephone on (01202 463405)

Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointed.
Each calls is £8 individually.

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