THE GYM at Pure Wellness

Do you want to move better, lose weight, get fit and feel great

Then join our community in THE GYM at Pure Wellness.  A gym dedicated to all areas of your fitness, with a supportive, fun, and uplifting vibe that is created by our community of staff and members.

Helping you get fit, lose weight, and move correctly In THE GYM we're all about helping you to get fit and lose weight. But we also want to make sure that you're moving your body in the correct way so you can avoid injury and keep moving your body well into your 80's, just as well as you can now. 

***NEW GYM VIDEO COMING SOON - but in the meantime book your FREE taster session & consultation to get the full gym experience.***

At THE GYM our classes include Small Group Training , our most popular classes with a weekly focus on a variety of different areas of fitness including:

  • Strength 
  • Endurance 
  • Team Training
  • Recovery - Balance, Core Strength, Flexibility 
  • Plyometrics 
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Functional Movement 
  • Boxing 

Other classes include our 30 minute Power-up sessions when you just need that extra burn. 

Rest & Restore when you need to take some time for you and your body and 

Finally Yoga and Pilates to help support your core foundation and mobility. 

Classes of no more than 6 Delivered in small group workouts and led by one of our team of personal trainers. Our classes never contain more than 6 people. So, you’ll be continually motivated and driven by fellow members as well as receiving 1-2-1 guidance, support, and personalisation from our trainers.

Tracking your workouts both in THE GYM and away from the centre You’ll receive 50% off a Myzone Heart Rate Monitor when you join us.  This means we can track your workouts in the gym but also keep you accountable outside of the centre as well with our weekly home workouts. You’ll have regular contact from our trainers, monthly challenges against your team mates and access to our online Facebook group meaning you have all the tools you need to be supported and motivated to reach your goals and beyond. 

Support from the wider Pure Wellness team And not only do you get the expertise of the trainer but also of a team of wellbeing experts in Chiropractic, nutrition and massage all based at the Pure Wellness centre. As well as becoming a member of our online Facebook Community to give you regular support, health guidance and more. 

Joining Our Community 

Everyone who joins THE GYM starts their journey with a consultation. We use this to understand your goals and your current fitness levels. Ensuring you are prescribed the right exercises for you inside and outside of the gym. You also get one of our Welcome packs so you feel part of our community straight away!

To find out more or book your initial consultation To become a member of THE GYM at Pure Wellness then book yourself in for your initial consultation in the box below  - PLEASE PUT GYM IN THE NOTES FOR THE DOCTOR.


We've made it easy to decide what membership to go for 

1. What classes do you want to attend ? 

I like variety and want to work on all areas of fitness and health and will want to come to all classes - FULL MEMBERSHIP 

I mainly want the support of the community and will come to the small group training only - SMALL GROUP MEMBERSHIP ONLY

I'm always mixing things up and just want to come as and when I'm available - BLOCK SESSION BOOKING  

2. How many times a week are you looking to train ? 

I want to reach my goals and maintain optimal health as quickly as possible and will train at least 3 times a week - FULL MEMBERSHIP

I have motivation to workout at home and will likely only come twice a week - BLOCK SESSION BOOKING

I Train somewhere else but want the variety of coming here once a week - BLOCK SESSION BOOKING


Full Membership (Access to all types of classes as many times as you want) - £120 per month 

Small Group Training only (Access to as many small group training sessions as you want) - £99 per month


Small group - 5 Sessions £50 , 10 Sessions £100 

Pilates & Yoga - 6 sessions £50 

Rest and Restore & Power-up - 6 sessions £25


Small Group £15

Pilates & Yoga - £10 

Rest and Restore & Power-up £5


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