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At Pure Wellness we're always looking for ways to best support our community and over the past year it has become even more apparent to us just what our community needs. As many of you are aware we have been running our 8 weeks to wellness program for the past 3 and a half years. It is an amazing programme that has changed so many people's lives. However what we have noticed is that for the majority of our community are not ready to start a programme like this or even consider adding exercise, nutrition or a healthy lifestyle into their daily lives.

This is because most people feel they do not have the energy, physical ability, emotional capacity or time to add more into their life even though they know they need to. So what we're going to offer at Pure Wellness is here to help people get to a point in their lives where they feel ready to take on more, so they can reach a new level of health and get more out of their life.


Classes are available to anyone and suitable for all abilities. The instructors we have brought in are all long-term clients of Pure Wellness so they understand the journey our community goes on and therefore know how best to support you in everyway.

Yoga - Yoga with Silvia is not just about the physical release for the body but it is about connecting with your body on a mental and emotional level. Silvia will guide you through a practice that helps you fell free and teaches you skills to navigate life with awareness and self-compassion. 

Pilates- Needing more help supporting your core, back and posture? will teach you how to engage your core through awareness and build on your strength with specially designed exercise to target the areas you need to work on most. Feel leaving strong, engaged and powerful.

Rest & Restore - Combining mindful movement with the anchoring breath. We explore how to become more present and bring about calm to the body & mind.

Learn to Release - A journey of letting go through the learning and use of powerful techniques that erase blockages and tensions and increase self-awareness. Using breathwork and embodiment practices, you will be guided to acknowledge, welcome, and move beyond the limits that hide within the body.


Times available are based on the feedback we received from our community but more classes will be added in the coming months as these times get filled up. We're so excited to bring these classes to you and we have worked really hard to find the right people to provide them for you and create a space where you can take you health and life to the next level.



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Either Click here to Book your first class for £5.00 through Eventbrite 


Call our front desk on 01202 463 405 to reserve your place for our next class.

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