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Finding Your Fit 

"If you don't know where you're at then you don't know where you're going"

Everyone who joins our tribe starts their journey with a consultation , so we can find our your goals , current fitness levels and ability to ensure you are prescribed the right exercises for you inside and outside our facility.

" That what gets measured gets managed"

At your consultation you will also have a number of our fitness lab tests run including 

  1. Full Body Composition Analysis ( Using Inbody 570 )
  2. Computerised Posture Analysis 
  3. Blood Pressure 
  4. Spirometer 
  5. Full Functional Core and Flexibility Screen 

At the Lab we're all about getting Fit and Losing Weight but our main goal is to ensure that you're moving your body in the correct way to avoid injury and make sure you can move your body into your 80's just as well as you can now. 

Keeping you Accountable to reach your goals 

The testing doesn't just stop at the consultation all of our lab members receive 50% off a Myzone Heart Rate Monitor when they join our tribe. This means we can track your workout in the session but also keep you accountable outside the centre so we can see who's doing our weekly home workouts . You have daily contact form our trainers , monthly challenges against your lab team and access to our online Facebook group meaning you have all the tools you need to be supported and motivated to reach your goals and beyond. 

How do we train in the Fitness Lab?

At the Fitness Lab we focus on all areas of fitness creating an environment where you can achieve your goals in a supportive , fun and uplifting community.

At the Lab we focus on 8 key areas of fitness so each week is different fro the next 

  1. Strength 
  2. Endurance 
  3. Team Training
  4. Recovery - Balance , Core Strength , Flexibility 
  5. Plyometrics 
  6. High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT )
  7. Functional Movement 
  8. Boxing 

Our workouts are led by one of our team of personal trainers in a small group setting of no more than 6 people because energy and community are really important to use but so is guidance , support and personalisation and this mix can only be achieved in a small group setting. 

Not only do you get the expertise of the trainer but of a team of wellbeing experts in Chiropractic , Nutrition and massage.

To become a member of the Fitness Lab then book yourself in for a consultation to cover your goals , fitness levels and all of your lab testing.

(Consultations are £25 but this will redeemed in your 1st months membership if you choose to join our community at the Lab)

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