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At Pure Wellness Centre we are much more than just a gym, we offer facilities for cardiovascular work ,mobility work and resistance training to make sure you cover all aspects of exercising to get you the best results.

What makes training at Pure Wellness Centre different?

All of our training is carried out in our fully equipped function fitness facility where our expert exercise coach will educate, guide you and support you on all aspects of training and exercise. We aim to make every experience enjoyable whilst still making sure you reach your aims and goals.

How do we insure you get the results?

Every time you have a training session in our functional fitness facility it will be designed, led and personalised to your ability and stage of training to make sure you do not stagnate or get bored.

All of our clients who use the training centre will have use of our high-quality Heart Rate Monitors to make sure you are working in the right way for you and reaching your goals.

As well as training we also have on-site Chiropractors, Nutritional support and Sports Massage Therapists at our disposal, should you need of these aspects to make sure you get the most out of your training.

How else do we manage our clients and their goals?

With our specialised Heart rate monitors we are able to track your workouts that you complete away from our functional fitness facility as they report to our central hub. This makes sure your programs designed for you away from the centre are at the rate level and intensity for you.

Everyone who comes into our functional fitness facility , first has a consultation with one of our doctors or trainers to asses their Wellness Score. This includes Movement & Flexibility Screening, Fat & Muscle Percentages, BMI, Blood Pressure, Waist Measurement, Body Weight and Posture Screening. After completing this at the start of your journey we can then personalise
your training program and it means we can re-asses you later in your journey so that we can celebrate your achievements and health improvements.

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