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Dr. Hannah Beard -

The wellness Woman

Doctor of Chiropractic

I'm Dr.Hannah Beard and my journey into Chiropractic started when I was aged just 14 years old when i went to see a Chiropractor for the first time after suffering repetitive groin injuries during hockey matches. I was amazed by the thorough and detailed examination and report the Chiropractor gave to me as it explained that the problem was actually coming from hyper-pronation in my foot which was resulting in a misalignment in my pelvis and abnormal function in the muscles of my groin. This instantly sparked my interest in the human body and how the root cause of a problem isn't necessarily where the symptoms lie.

I studied for 4 years at the Anglo-European College of chiropractic to gain my Masters Degree in Chiropractic and a passion for healing and helping people of all ages. After finishing my degree I went back to my home town Oldham , Manchester to work with the same Chiropractor that had helped me all those years ago. After helping the community of Oldham for over 3 years with conditions such as Low back pain , Neck pain , headaches and shoulder impingement I moved back down to Bournemouth where I studied to start a new venture in my own wellness practice.

As a Chiropractor I believe that to have optimal healing and function you need a healthy and functioning nervous system and to achieve that , the spine which protects the nervous system , needs to be in alignment allowing full nerve flow. This then helps the body heal conditions such as low back pain , neck pain and headaches but for me I wasn't helping people enough. Many of my clients would get great relief from their pain but still struggled with their weight , loss of energy , lack of sleep and increasing doses of medications for heart conditions and diabetes. Although I gave them advice to help with these symptoms and conditions many of them seemed to 'forget' or they 'didn't have time' so for me i knew I had to do more and give people more than what I was already doing. From this Pure Wellness was born , a centre that allows to people to really reach their optimum health potential by giving them the resources , support and knowledge to have a functioning and healthy nervous system , the right nutrition and physical exercise and a healthy state of mind all under one roof.

Kirsty Browning

                                             Doctor of Chiropractic 

Hello, I'm Kirsty and I'm very excited to introduce myself as a Wellness Coach with Pure Wellness. I first became aware of the benefits of chiropractic as a child when my dad would regularly visit a chiropractor for a disc herniation and resulting neuropathy. Chiropractic treatment enabled him to continue to work a manual job and achieve a far better standard of life. I began my working life in the finance sector both in my home town of Bournemouth and in London. Although I enjoyed the nature of the work and worked with some fantastic people I didn't feel I was fulfilling my true vocation to directly make a difference to people's lives. After taking a career break to raise my daughters I seized the opportunity to change career paths. I reflected upon my early experience of chiropractic and how it had empowered my dad to live and work even through the most trying points of his back pain and how the profession seemed to suit my personal goals to assist people to live in optimum health and wellbeing.

I undertook an access to healthcare course with Bournemouth and Poole college and subsequently was accepted to train as a chiropractor with the Anglo European College of Chiropractic. I graduated in July 2017 with a Master of chiropractic degree. I really enjoyed the course especially the final year working as a chiropractic intern in the clinic; using the knowledge I had acquired to diagnose and manage clients conditions. I feel so privileged to be in the position to assist people to reach their goals; whether they want to return to sports following an injury or to feel confident running around with the grandchildren.

At weekends my partner, Paul and I and our lively 8 year old twin daughters enjoy family time together going for country and costal walks.

Rebecca Pritchard-

Massage therapist

Doctor of Chiropractic 

I’m Rebecca Pritchard and I’m really pleased to be able to call myself a Chiropractor at Pure Wellness.

I was born and raised in Portsmouth raised by incredible parents and an inspiring sister and was lucky enough to attend a school which ran extra classes to help young people get into STEM subjects so I developed an interest in science and “How things work” from a young age. This was fuelled by that fact my mum is a nurse practitioner so she would come home and tell me all sorts of fascinating stories of things she did in the day.

My relationship with chiropractic started as an idea for a potential career path, I was interested in becoming a Doctor, nurse, physiotherapist etc so started observing different professionals in their specialism. I then found out my mum’s childhood best friend was a chiropractor and she offered to let me observe her in Sweden for a week, it was such an eye opening experience seeing people be treated for the cause of their symptoms instead of being given something to mask their pain, I was absolutely hooked.

When I arrived back in the UK I decided to seek out care for myself so contacted a clinic in who agreed to treat me. I had suffered with migraines during stressful times at school and had a knee injury that had never fully healed after a bad skiing accident so thought they could help me with the aches and pains I was developing already at 16.

I then moved to Bournemouth in 2014 to study Chiropractic at the AECC and graduated with a Merit which I could not be prouder of. In my clinical year at AECC I developed special interests in paediatric chiropractic, sports injuries, headaches and the importance of supportive care for chronic conditions. I have first-hand seen and experienced the powerful effects of chiropractic and can’t wait to see how our beautiful clinic in sunny Bournemouth will grow more over the coming years.

During my spare time I enjoy spending time with my partner Kyle and our cat Tilly, travelling to new places and spending time with my parents and sister.

Hollie Pitman 


Well-Being Assistant & Massage Therapist 

I’m Hollie Pitman and I am excited to introduce myself as a Well-Being Assistant and Sports Massage Therapist at Pure Wellness Center.

From a young age I have always been involved in competitive sport which ranged from netball to Horse Riding. This spurred a real interest in the human body and the mechanisms used to perform skills but also the limitations that can influence an athlete. In July 2017, I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a Sports and Exercise Science degree. My dissertation was based upon athletes' injuries and the psychological processes that they used when rehabilitating and returning to sport. Alongside my degree I experienced a sport massages for the first time and noticed that it made an improvement to my sporting performance over time. I also did a placement in a physiotherapy and sports massage clinic which I found very interesting and this continued my interest in sports massage. I am very determined to continue my learning with Pure Wellness Centre and I am now happy to say i have achieved a qualification in sports massage. This now allows me to others further and experience a higher level of  performance whether it be within sport or through normal life that I have experienced through sports massage care.

 During my spare time I enjoying spending time at the yard and exercising the horses, even in the rain! 

Claire Stanton


Massage Therapist

Massage has been practiced and proven to have profound benefits on all of the bodies systems and your mental wellbeing and when combined with a holistic approach to lifestyle results can be dramatic. My name is Claire and I have always been a believer in the healing power of touch. I was a considerate daughter and would often massage my Mothers feet after she came in from work and like to think that my love of holistic health and healing began early on. My own personal journey with health issues has also been helped through massage and self-care practices. During a career break following the birth of my second child I decided to follow my natural inclination towards wanting to help heal people by gaining my Diploma in Swedish Massage. To date I’ve had a varied career path including working with the most vulnerable people in society either through care work or teaching. I’m also a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and often find combining physical touch therapy with energy work most effective as the mind and body are intertwined and what effects one will always effect the other. I’m happy to welcome you today and look forward to helping you achieve a more balanced healthy mind and body.

William Steele 

Personal Trainer

Exercise Coach 

Hi there, I’m Will Steele and I’m one of the Exercise Coaches here at Pure Wellness.I have been working out and training all my life and it started for me at a very early age, even before I could walk.  I was put into the swimming pool as a baby  and took to the water like a fish. Years down the line I was doing competitive swimming and was approached at the age of 14 by the Olympic team. In between swimming I was heavily into Martial Arts and at the age of 17, I  got my Black belt in Kick-boxing.

I started my career at the age of 16 as a Lifeguard before joining the British Army at the age of 17. I spent 12 years in the Army as an Elite Combat Soldier where most of my time was spent on operations in war torn countries around the world. When I wasn’t on tour I took up Army Boxing and became a Physical Training Instructor and unarmed combat instructor and was in charge of training the soldiers in my regiment and making sure that their fitness was at a high level at all times  so that they were ready to deploy to any hostile environment when called upon.

On Leaving the Army I gained further qualifications and became a Personal Trainer and sports therapist. I then moved to London and spent the next 13 years training high profile clients and celebrities and I even ended up in 10 Downing street with the P.M and his staff. My time in London was spent working in all areas of the fitness industry, from Fitness instructor teaching classes, studio co-ordinator managing the classes and the instructors, Fitness manager and Personal Trainer Manager  to Director of Health and Fitness. I have worked in all of the main big clubs in London which includes , Fitness First, Slim Jim’s, L.A.Fitness, Virgin Active, Nuffield Health, The Third Space,  David Lloyd, Roko Health club, H2 Soho as well as private studios with VIP clients.

Overall I have accumulated 28 years of training people from all walks of life, some with disabilities, prosthetic limbs, professional athletes and people suffering from mental health. There is no boundaries to who I train, its all about achieving peoples goals and getting them results. I practice what I preach and lead by example. My motto: going that one more round, when you don’t think you can,  will make all the difference in your life.

Marie Williamson

wellbeing Assistant

Well-being Assistant 

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