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Dr Hannah Beard

Dr. Hannah Beard - 

Doctor of Chiropractic

I'm Dr. Hannah Beard and my journey into Chiropractic started when I was aged just 14 years old when i went to see a Chiropractor for the first time after suffering repetitive groin injuries during hockey matches. I was amazed by the thorough and detailed examination and report the Chiropractor gave to me as it explained that the problem was actually coming from hyper-pronation in my foot which was resulting in a misalignment in my pelvis and abnormal function in the muscles of my groin. This instantly sparked my interest in the human body and how the root cause of a problem isn't necessarily where the symptoms lie.

I studied for 4 years at the Anglo-European College of chiropractic to gain my Masters Degree in Chiropractic and a passion for healing and helping people of all ages. After finishing my degree I went back to my home town Oldham , Manchester to work with the same Chiropractor that had helped me all those years ago. After helping the community of Oldham for over 3 years with conditions such as Low back pain , Neck pain , headaches and shoulder impingement I moved back down to Bournemouth where I studied to start a new venture in my own wellness practice.

As a Chiropractor I believe that to have optimal healing and function you need a healthy and functioning nervous system and to achieve that , the spine which protects the nervous system , needs to be in alignment allowing full nerve flow. This then helps the body heal conditions such as low back pain , neck pain and headaches but for me I wasn't helping people enough. Many of my clients would get great relief from their pain but still struggled with their weight , loss of energy , lack of sleep and increasing doses of medications for heart conditions and diabetes. Although I gave them advice to help with these symptoms and conditions many of them seemed to 'forget' or they 'didn't have time' so for me i knew I had to do more and give people more than what I was already doing. From this Pure Wellness was born , a centre that allows to people

to really reach their optimum health potential by giving them the resources , support and knowledge to have a functioning and healthy nervous system , the right nutrition and physical exercise and a healthy state of mind all under one roof.

Dr Joshua Sparks

Dr Joshua Sparks -

Doctor of Chiropractic 

Raised by a family of sailors, I have always loved the outdoors. I raced competitively through my teens and then found joy in various forms of outdoor activities - windsurfing, surfing, skating, swimming, cycling, climbing and slack-llining.

As my movement increased so did my injuries - this is what lead me to an interest in healing and body awareness. The knowledge of a chiropractor is indispensable and their ability to teach a patient about their own body inspired me to pursue a career in this field. Around the same time I began my studies of chiropractic, my enthusiasm for yoga and rehabilitation developed. I now consider myself obsessed with functionality, optimum health and wellbeing. 

2016 I went to Rishikesh, India to study my first yoga course, 2019 I graduated with a Master of Chiropractic Degree and returned to India to gain my 500HR certification.

The nervous system has a rule - if you don't use it, you lost it. The human body should be able to squat, lunge, push, pull, fold, twist and MOVE! Chiropractic brings back the movement and yoga maintains it.

I believe in using various modalities suited to the patient, whether that be a chiropractic adjustment, movement advice, muscle release, meditation, medical acupuncture or kinesiology taping.

I now wholeheartedly appreciate the multifactorial aspects of pain and it's influence on the mind. The goal of my treatment is to not just take someone out of pain, but to bring them to a sense of balance and the best version of themselves.

Hollie Pitman

Hollie Pitman -

Practice Manager & Massage Therapist 

I’m Hollie Pitman and I am excited to introduce myself as a Practice Manager and Sports Massage Therapist at Pure Wellness Center.

From a young age I have always been involved in competitive sport which ranged from netball to Horse Riding. This spurred a real interest in the human body and the mechanisms used to perform skills but also the limitations that can influence an athlete. In July 2017, I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a Sports and Exercise Science degree. My dissertation was based upon athletes' injuries and the psychological processes that they used when rehabilitating and returning to sport. Alongside my degree I experienced a sport massages for the first time and noticed that it made an improvement to my sporting performance over time. I also did a placement in a physiotherapy and sports massage clinic which I found very interesting and this continued my interest in sports massage. I am very determined to continue my learning with Pure Wellness Centre and I am now happy to say i have achieved a qualification in sports massage. This now allows me to others further and experience a higher level of  performance whether it be within sport or through normal life that I have experienced through sports massage care.

 During my spare time I enjoying spending time at the yard and exercising the horses, even in the rain! 

Claire Stanton

Claire Stanton -

Massage Therapist

Massage has been practiced and proven to have profound benefits on all of the bodies systems and your mental wellbeing and when combined with a holistic approach to lifestyle results can be dramatic. My name is Claire and I have always been a believer in the healing power of touch. I was a considerate daughter and would often massage my Mothers feet after she came in from work and like to think that my love of holistic health and healing began early on. My own personal journey with health issues has also been helped through massage and self-care practices. During a career break following the birth of my second child I decided to follow my natural inclination towards wanting to help heal people by gaining my Diploma in Swedish Massage. To date I’ve had a varied career path including working with the most vulnerable people in society either through care work or teaching. I’m also a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and often find combining physical touch therapy with energy work most effective as the mind and body are intertwined and what effects one will always effect the other. I’m happy to welcome you today and look forward to helping you achieve a more balanced healthy mind and body.


Selina Kizildagli -

Massage Therapist -

Selina's graduate and post-graduate research in Environmental Sustainability highlighted the importance of taking a person-centered approach to achieving sustainable connections with our different environments. Connecting with ourselves, to friends, family, and to nature improve our sense of wellbeing and contribute to a sustainable, fulfilling life. In a world where connections are becoming increasingly virtual, we can become less comfortable to experience human touch in a way that connects us.

Having worked with people for a number of years Selina decided to expand her professional interests to working with people holistically through body and mind therapies. She can help provide an experience that can support you both physically and emotionally and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Marie Williamson

Marie Williamson -

Well-being Assistant 

Hello, I'm Marie and am really happy to say that I'm a Wellbeing Assistant at Pure Wellness. 

Due to an unexplained illness a few years ago I became very interested and aware of my own body and wellbeing. And after being diagnosed, it became very apparent just how beneficial taking ownership of my own wellbeing was, both to my overall health and the management of symptoms; giving me a much better quality of life!

At this point I decided to change direction career wise. And within a short period was very fortunate to become a member of the Pure Wellness Team. 

In my spare time I love spending time with my two daughters who now live in London, along with going on walks with my husband, experiencing new places and eating lovely food with friends!!


Jody Damen -

Personal Trainer 

I completed my degree in Fitness and Personal training at Solent University in 2019, I have studied many different aspects of Health and fitness including Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Psychology, Nutrition and Corrective exercise. I have worked with a vast variety of clients, the majority of clients I've worked with in the past have had goals of weight loss, although I also specialise in Clinical exercise and Cancer rehabilitation. As well as the Personal training and Exercise referral sessions I run I am passionate about group exercise, I find leading a group class has such a good atmosphere that's why I love it here at Pure wellness. In my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors and socialising with friends. 

Claire C

Claire Crowley -

8 Weeks to Wellness Co-ordinator and Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Claire, I am a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach and facilitate the 8 Weeks to Wellness program here at the centre. I have been involved in sport from an early age training, competing and coaching gymnastics, and more recently, CrossFit. This kick started my passion for human movement and overall health & fitness, and has led me to where I am today.  

I use strength and conditioning methodology combined with a very holistic approach, balancing the fundamentals such as nutrition, mindset sleep and stress management before reaping the benefits and optimising performance in training sessions. The body is capable of so much more than the limits people expose themselves too, and my purpose on this planet is to spread as much positivity as possible and to educate and encourage people to move better and live happier, healthier more fulfilled lifestyles.  

I have the wanderlust bug and love to travel, I aim to gain many life experiences and learn from different countries and cultures. In my spare time I love being by the ocean, going on long walks and spending time with friends.   

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