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Can you optimise performance when you have sub optimal posture? Can you remain injury free performing with postural dysfunction? If we consider the fact that posture is the position from which all movement begins and ends, and that the muscular system operates most effectively in perfect posture, then most certainly the answer is no! Yes, you may get away with it for a number of years, but to maximise function you must maximise postural alignment.

So how does this translate to running performance? In almost every way imaginable, from foot strike to stride length, from aerobic capacity to joint integrity.

Ever experienced knee pain? Suffered from shin splints? How about plantar fasciitis? Could it be that you are running with excessive pronation? Given that the pelvis is in essence the foundation from which posture is expressed, any excessive tilt or rotation will have a knock on effect throughout the body. As an example, a forward tilt of the pelvis will impact the foot strike by encouraging grounding closer to the ball of the foot and cause an excessive inward rotation of the femur – a pronation pattern, and a sure way to promote knee and ankle instability. What about performance, tight hip flexors that may contribute to the forward tilt will then shorten stride length as flexibility is compromised, not a great way to improve running times!

Want to run with a 35 pounds weight plate sitting on top of your spine? Well consider the fact that for every inch the head is projected forward, the weight of your head (about 7.5% of body weight) is doubled, a 3 inch forward head carriage certainly wouldn’t promote high performance. Of course the body compensates with altered spinal alignment to the detriment of all the links on the kinetic chain, the musculo-skeletal system.

Let’s also not forget that aerobic performance is dependant on aerobic capacity, being stuck in a posture of exhalation that a forward head promotes will not allow for optimum oxygen uptake, you are simply not filling up the tank! We must also consider whether you have normal spinal rotation which is highly unlikely if you are stuck in this rounded posture, gait is a rotational pattern, high performance is dependent upon optimal mobility!

So what are the first steps to improving performance? Stretch tight areas and strengthen the weak! And keep in mind the fact that the extremities are an expression of the core, poor core function or incorrect core conditioning will have a significant impact upon both performance and joint stability.

At Pure Wellness we test and assess, we don’t guess. A huge range of corrective exercises may then be prescribed.

If you would like to improve your performance and get your posture assessed we are offering FREE posture checks throughout December and January at Pure Wellness . Call or Email us to book your FREE posture check today !

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