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Mind-full or mindful?

An objection to mindfulness I often hear is “I just don’t have the time”.

In today’s world we all work long hours and have insanely busy home lives. When we’re struggling to keep up with our day to day responsibilities how on earth would anyone expect us to squeeze in an hour meditation on a mountain top in the name of mindfulness?? It’s just not gonna happen, right!

I completely appreciate the idea of adding to our already overflowing cup is not he most appealing, but I promise mindfulness is something we can fit into our daily lives, no matter how busy you are. Mindfulness doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drop everything, sit cross legged and hummmm melodically. It is simply a state of mind, in which you allow yourself a single or limited focus of attention, away from the stresses and worries of everyday life.

This morning I practised mindfulness by prepping vegetables in the garden before work. I did so by using my senses to bring me into the present by becoming aware of all the sensations that let my mind and body know I was in the present moment. Some of the sensations I concentrated on to do this where:

  • feeling the sun in my skin
  • smelling the freshly cut grass from my neighbour’s garden
  • listening to wind in the trees, birds in the surrounding gardens and the occasional bumble bee
  • noticing how bright and colourful the vegetables in the sunshine.

For those few brief moments I was in the present, not thinking about what happened yesterday or thinking what I had to do at work today, I was simply existing.

By focusing our attention on our senses, we are inviting our mind to join us in he present moment. We cannot see, smell, hear or feel the past nor the future- only the here and now.

Mindfulness exercise: Think of a task you will be doing today that you could turn into a mindful experience just by being purposefully present in it, it could be

  • Getting ready for work
  • Taking a bath or shower
  • Walking
  • Eating a meal
  • Waiting for a train
  • Cleaning your teeth
  • Lying in bed before you go to sleep
  • Any daily activity where you feel confident you can safely focus your attention on your senses and enter the present moment wholly and the intentionally.

Simply focus your mind on all the noises you can hear, smells you can smell, sensations you can feel and enter the present with curiosity.

I’d love to hear how you get on, and am always happy to answer questions and private messages with advice.

More mindfulness tips can be found at @Kirstyyvettehypnotherapist

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