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Mama, We Care!

Are you pregnant? Do you know a mama-to-be?

Pregnancy provides many changes for our amazing bodies, including some weird and wonderful symptoms. Various aches and pains are commonly associated with an ever growing bump, and many women suffer through these symptoms through each trimester. Well, in the words of the Spice Girls 'Mama, We Care'.


As you may know by now and have read in our previous blogs, there are so many benefits to Chiropractic Care throughout all stages of life. What you may not know, is that it can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy!

Chiropractic can be helpful in managing neck pain, back pain and leg pain that you might notice during your pregnancy. These common complaints are among a variety of reasons women seek our care, and why we aspire to support mum's-to-be throughout all stages of pregnancy. 


We understand that your body will go through huge changes during this phenomenal time, and that you want to know you're in safe hands with your healthcare choices. Therefore, each of our new mums-to-be will receive a detailed spinal and pelvic examination. All of our Chiropractors have completed post-graduate training in assessing and adjusting during pregnancy, enabling us to provide you with the best pre-natal support possible. 

Our clinic is full of mums-to-be, enhancing their well-being by proactively managing their experience in the lead up to birth and beyond and we love it!


Would you or someone you know benefit from joining our community of Pure Wellness Mama's? This month we're offering mum's-to-be your New Client Consultation, Report of Findings & 1st Adjustment for just £40!! To book yours give us a call on 01202 463405. 

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