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5 Things you probably didn’t know about drinking water

We all know that we should be drinking water regularly and we are constantly reminded by our chiropractors , doctors and other healthcare professionals to drink more but why is drinking water so important and how can we get the most out of drinking it.

  1. How much water do I need to drink ?

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water and it’s a fact that as humans we need water to survive. We are constantly losing the water in our bodies through urination , sweating and digestion and we need to replenish these stores regularly to help the cells in our bodies regulate temperature and maintain our bodily functions. Did you know that our lungs are actually made up of 90% water and our brains 70% ? That’s why we need to consume around half our body weight in ounces to remain hydrated.

   2. Why drink filtered water ?

The water that we drink from the tap can be contaminated with chemicals such as chlorine , pesticides , heavy metals and even hormones that can disrupt and effect our health. We advise either getting yourself a water filter system for your mains , a Berkey water filter for your home or a bobble water filter bottle that you can carry anywhere with you. These filters act to remove the harmful chemicals making the water safer , cleaner and better tasting !

Berkey Water Filter -  https://berkey-waterfilters.co...

Bobble Water Bottle - http://www.waterbobble.com/

 3. Why drink water at room temperature ?

When most of us reach for glass of water it’s because we’re feeling thirsty and we want a nice cold refreshing glass of water. However drinking water cold actually means that our body cannot utilise that water until it has reached body temperature , ever had that feeling of water just sloshing around in your stomach ? That’s because the water is too cold and sits in the stomach until it warms up. Therefore drinking water at room temperature is much more beneficial.

 4. Why not to drink water during meal times

As most of us don’t remember to drink water throughout the day when is the most common time for people to drink water ? At meal times , however drinking large amounts of water whilst we are eating can actually cause us to produce less stomach acid making it harder for us to digest our food and putting a large strain on our digestive system to be able to absorb the nutrients we need from the food. A few sips of water with your meal isn’t going to cause you any harm but drinking more water throughout the day when you aren’t eating means your body is getting the best of both worlds.

  5. Why sipping water is best

 Most peoples wait until they feel thirsty until they drink water and when they do they gulp down a full pint of water. Although water is amazingly important and beneficial for the body drinking large amounts at once still means that the kidneys need to process that water and these larges amounts can put stress on the kidneys. Therefore it is much better to drink small sips of water regularly throughout the day , you aren’t over stressing your kidneys and you stay constantly hydrated instead of dipping in and out of dehydration. Our Team like to use https://www.ulla.io/ to remind us to drink our water regularly.


Happy Drinking ! 

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