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Confessions Of A Previous Fag Ash Lil

Oh how I thought I loved a fag. I had my first illicit sneaky puff on a cigarette with my best friend Rachel, who had pinched one out of her Mum’s pack, at the age of 12 years old. Needless to say it tasted bloody awful, burnt my throat and I recall coughing my lungs up.  Yet, I felt so elated and grown-up to be smoking a cigarette - what did my Dad know. I wasn’t addicted!  I could just have the odd pinched fag with my older bestie and what harm would it do me. Oh the ignorance of youth.

27 years later, thousands of pounds gone up in smoke and the damage both mentally, emotionally and physically I had caused myself by the powerful addiction to nicotine. If you are a smoker reading this, please do not despair.  It can be conquered, you can overcome and it is possible.  I never truly believed it until I found myself as a happy non-smoker. HOW you may well ask? I NEVER GAVE UP TRYING TO QUIT. 

Oh I have tried it all including the pills, patches, vapes, chewing gum, hypnosis and plain old will power. My kids guilt tripped me, begged me to quit.  My Mum tried to appeal to me every time I coughed.  I always thought that they were my stress relief and I would go mental without a fag; I honestly couldn’t even contemplate life without being a smoker, it scared me to quit and it scared me even more to carry on being a smoker.

 What finally worked for me was changing the way I thought about smoking and the addiction with the help of reading and re-reading the Allan Carr Easy Way Stop Smoking book. In addition to this I also listened to the fee Youtube video while I slept. What do you know it worked! Oh, I also started to take CBD Oil to help calm my physical withdrawal which is actually so slight in reality. My husband still smokes and I have access to tobacco whenever I want one. The difference is….I’m free from my nicotine addiction nightmare and I will never go back there again ever! 

I wish you all good luck in escaping your prisons of nicotine addiction. Never give up trying and rest assured it is possible to have a drink, socialise, function and you will even be less stressed I promise. 

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